While potential contaminants exist all around us, many of these hazardous materials pose little to no threat to the public or to the environment. At KEMWest, we'd like it keep it that way.


KEMWest, Inc. was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1996 to serve the environmental needs of the regulated community and today has grown into a multidisciplinary independent industrial hygiene, environmental, and occupational health and safety consulting firm. With offices in both Denver and Colorado Springs, our mission is to provide innovative and comprehensive environmental consulting services to clients in business, government, industry, and residential sectors that will protect the health and safety of your employees, stakeholders, and families and preserve not only our natural resources, but also your bottom line. We are passionate about protecting human health and the environment and building long term relationships with clients, vendors, partners, and employees. We understand the increasingly complex issues in maintaining regulatory compliance; this allows KEMWest to apply creative technological solutions to a variety of environmental and occupational health and safety challenges.


Whether your environmental concerns are with air, soil, water, or within buildings themselves, the KEMWest team has the experience and professional insight to help you find a resolution. Each of the environmental consultants at KEMWest understands the importance of communicating clearly with our clients, so that we can help reduce the uncertainty of regulatory compliance and help you understand the results of any environmental testing we perform. Visit our home page or call us to learn more about our environmental services and how we can help you.


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